How to Teach Your Child Water Survival Tips

July 4, 2017

Being able to survive in water is a very important skill that every child should have. It involves a lot more than just being able to swim. Of course being able to swim is certainly the first step in making sure that your child survives in the water. Once they have mastered the art of swimming you can then move on to the next water safety survival phase.

The first thing you will want to teach your child is to be aware of what is in the water. It is just like being aware of your surroundings. You will want to make sure that you are not swimming into anything dangerous. You will also want to make sure that a small child is not swimming near a bunch of older kids. It is very easy for young kids to get hurt when, they are surrounded by big kids playing. Also, too many floats in a backyard swimming pool can also be dangerous. I have found it very helpful to make sure that the kids understand the importance of staying away from the edge of the water in a nonswimming area. Certain areas of the beach are not open for swimming for a particular reason. Usually, because it is very dangerous.

For young children, you will want them to watch and make sure that an adult is around before they go into the water. Teach toddlers to wait for mommy or dad. Usually, once kids learn how to swim they have a lot more confidence when in the water. This can be a good thing and both a bad thing. You want them to be a confident swimmer but you do not want them to take unnecessary risks. It is also a good idea to teach children about tides if you plan on visiting the beach often. Knowing when the tide is too strong to be in the water will help to ensure that children don’t go near the water during the wrong time of day. It is very easy for young children to get pulled out when there is a strong current in the water. If they know what they are looking for, it will help to ensure their safety. If you are planning on signing up your child for a swimming class than you will want to make sure that they teach safety rules as well. There are also plenty of rules for backyard swimming pools as well. Even young children need to make sure that they are aware of the rules when in someone backyard. For example running around the pool can cause some serious accidents. Kids often have a tendency to play around the pool.