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How to Increase Your Effectiveness While Blogging According To Leslie Rubero

December 12, 2017

Why are some blogs very effective while others really are not? This is a question that many people have been asking since the birth of Web 2.0. When the nature of the game has become information and value, being able to consistently deliver that to an audience that’s become one of the most difficult things. It is not about just the quality of writing but also what is shared through that writing. Anybody can create a ton of words about a topic and do so in a very fundamentally and grammatically correct way but it is something entirely different to create a connection with the audience, to write in such a way that they develop a connection with you and that they want to hear more from you. The kind of writing that makes your blogging more effective is the type that actually touches people. This is not just about being touchy feel we are emotional for writing words that matter. It is about delivering content that your particular audience is looking for. This means that you need to have a perspective and expertise in what you are talking about. But not only experts, such as Leslie Rubero, have great blocks to people love, people also love hearing from amateurs who are very good writers, who understand what their audience is looking for, who can make that connection and who people really want to pull for. So if anything the way to become more effective at creating a blog is to understand your demographic and to give them what they want. It is about finding greater meaning in the words that you put down and making sure that they are presented anyway that actually matters to your audience. Blogs who do not master the above are the ones who do not find the greatest level of success.

This can also be summed up into your writer’s voice and the tone that you will be using. Not only is it about your writer’s tone of voice that you’ll be using it is about the information that you will be sharing as well. You have a defined task of combining both of these in a very quality way and that is not always the easiest thing to do. You also have the task of speaking about topics that might not always interest you under your own genre of writing the things that you must touch on because people are searching for it on the Internet. This is where being a true professional writer comes into hand, having a process that allows you to write about just about anything while connecting with your audience. So one tip you might have is to create a template or create a process that allows you to write about just about any topic. This allows you to get to the meat of the subject, to add a different perspective or to do whatever it is that you do when you tackle any subject matter. What you want to avoid at all costs is just presenting a lot of fluff because the Internet is full of fluff and people are looking for words that actually matter, words that have meaning, things that will make them think. If you can provide that, if you can become the source of that kind of information, they will come back to you over and over again. So, yes it will take a little bit of time to develop into that kind of writer but it is not something that should take you a year to do. You can start right now by organizing your content, creating a release date for specific articles, for creating your style of writing and sticking to it. You have to work on your craft.

So your ultimate goal is to become a true professional when it comes to running a blog. One secret that you probably already know is that the most popular blogs are not fronted by one person but by a team of people. They create a way in which they create content, the tone of voice that they will use so that they have continuity across every blog that they leave. The perspectives might be a little bit different but the quality will all be the same. If you look at classical journalism they all have internal style guides that they use not just for grammatical reasons but for how they present content. Even as a one man shop you still can have the same level of quality control and process over the blogs that you will be creating. You can even create if you shortcuts for yourself such as outsourcing stem articles. You can use article writing websites and create subtitles so that other people can create stem articles for you and from there you can edit them, add your own content, add your own flair and writers voice to it. This will allow you to cut down on some of the research that you typically will have to do. This is a great way of shortcutting some of the process so that you can only focus on the high-quality and meaty parts of creating content. Until you can hire other writers to help you until you can create a process that can help you quickly write articles on your own, this is a great way to get started on various blog pieces that you will present to your audience.

So, as you can see, it really is about finding greater meaning to what you write, connecting with an audience in the way as Leslie Rubero, writing words that truly matter, giving a good perspective, creating high-value content that people will want to read and share with other people. It is also about creating a process that will allow you to make content easier and faster pace. This might also include outsourcing stem articles that you can use to begin your blogs with. If you implement these ideas you will find out that your life as a blogger will not only become easier but that you will be able to attract a greater audience and have more traffic coming to your blog.

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