How to Teach Kids About Hurricane Preparedness

June 9, 2017

Hurricanes are the most dangerous natural calamities which kill thousands of people every year. Even if some of the adults find an escape from these deadly killers, kids are easy prey for it. Most the children don’t know what to do when a hurricane strikes. They become afraid and lose their ability to think. Kids are the most suffered by these hurricanes. So it is the responsibility of the parents to teach about hurricane preparedness. Especially the people who live in a hurricane prone area must teach their family members including the small kids about what to do when a hurricane strikes.

Kids are very naughty. Make it a point to them not takes a hurricane warning easily. The first and foremost lesson to the kids must be that they should always remain with an elder. Never roam around alone during a hurricane. Always try to keep your kids with you when a hurricane strikes. Don’t leave them alone. Secondly, the small kids must be properly explained about the evacuation plan in case of a hurricane warning. They should be properly explained about the different ways to evacuate when a hurricane strikes. Plan a common home where the kids should go in case they get lost. This may be home your relative or someone at a safe distance from the hurricane. Explain the best means and address to get to the home so that the kids don’t get confused even if they get separated from the elder members of the family. Teach the children to call the local emergency management office in case there is some warning about a hurricane and if there is no elder member in the home. This will help the kids call for some help if they want even if there is no elder member of the family at home. Make it a point to your children to carry some important items like torch, some food like MRE meals and water when a hurricane strikes. Make the kids familiar about the capacity of the hurricanes and show them the videos or movies of hurricane-related themes which will help them to know about the problems that the people face when a hurricane strikes.

Hurricanes are one of the most dangerous natural calamities which kill thousands of innocent people and wash away everything that comes in their way. Children are the future of the world. We need to protect and teach our kids how to prepare for hurricane. We must pass on our knowledge to the next generation so that they can survive and tackle the different calamities of nature. By teaching all the above-mentioned points we can make our kids more safe and self-dependent in case a hurricane strikes our city.